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We are open (yay!) But we need you to pay attention because obviously we have new rules (we know they are tedious but they are for the good of all).

1- MASK, MASK, MASK .... If you are standing you MUST have a mask on. Go to the bathroom or walk to your table, MASK. On this point there is no debate.

2- We only work with RESERVATIONS, which we will take ONLY through our website, that means that you cannot reserve by phone or go directly to the premises and ask for a table.

3- Maximum per reservation is 6 people, this includes children under 12 years old and strollers.

4- We are operating with 25% capacity. We know that this is not much, so we recommend you make your reservation in advance due to the little capacity we will have. For the same reason, reservations only wait 15 minutes, after that they are canceled. We ask to be punctual.

5- If when arriving at the premises, there are more people waiting to enter, we ask you to keep at least 2 meters away and with your MASK on.

6- We do not accept cash.


7- Due to the new sanitary regulations, a maximum of 2 hours of attention are calculated for each reservation.

8- Welcome, be patient, wear a mask and most importantly, have fun!

#welcomeback #fuckcovid

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