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Most people are not used to going somewhere to eat and being told the food is sold out. However, this is a common practice when it comes to BBQ that we want to explain. "Low & Slow BBQ" is exactly that, lowering temperatures at a slow pace with the addition of the wonderful smoke. Coming to a BBQ place is not like going to any other establishment where the cook takes the meat from a refrigerator and throws it on the grill. We take huge cuts of meat like cover chest and cook them in our smoker for 12 hours (which is why we only have this cut after 7pm). Our pork ribs take a minimum of 6 hours to cook. So why do we run out? Simple reason: Quality.

At El Camino we smoke the fresh meats of the day. It's a constant guessing game about how much to do each day. We do a certain day sales report and smoke based on that. We never know which dishes are going to be ordered, if we run out of one, we can't just smoke another. Some days people just want ribs, other days they just want brisket. We do not reheat something that was in the freezer or that was from the previous day because we believe that this goes against what the restaurant wants to represent when presenting our BBQ.

We understand that some of our customers who have not visited a BBQ location in the United States are not going to understand the fact that in fact in almost all locations, it ends (and sometimes at 11 in the morning), but we are trying to improve the way of informing and transforming the way authentic BBQ is perceived in Chile.

It is obviously not ideal for us to run out, but we pride ourselves on always using the best fresh produce for our customers.
So what can you do to make sure you don't run out of your favorite dish? Arrive early :)



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